unity in a divided world.
the living God.
innovative approaches to critical needs.
all creation.
the world through education.

Our Mission Your Mission

is to proclaim the good news,
directing our entire lives toward
that oneness
for which Jesus Christ was sent
for which God calls all.
As Jesus was sent to show
God's love to the world,
we are sent to make Christ,
to make God,
visible by our very being,

by sharing our love, faith, and hope.

You Are Sent
Constitution of the School Sisters of Notre Dame

Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger



Year of Concecrated Life 2015

Called to Celebrate
     All That God has Done
          In and Through Us

In proclaiming 2015 a year dedicated to women and men religious, Pope Francis has concretized Pope John Paul II’s desire at the first World Day for Consecrated Religious in 1997: “It is my wish that celebrating consecrated life be extended to the whole world…” How are we being called to celebrate this year with both our local and universal church?


Sister Simone Campbell, SSS, executive director of NETWORK and Sister Barbara Pfarr, SSND stand in front of the bus during the Nuns on the Bus “We the People, We the Voters” tour extension in Wisconsin.

Voting is an Act of Hope

Dysfunction and negativity in the political process lead to apathy. Pope Francis offers these words of hope: “Although the life of a person is in a land full of thorns and weeds, there is always space in which the good seed can grow. You have to trust God.” Where do you see good seed growing?


Nun Buddies with Sister Francis Rose Rivers, ©SSND Central Pacific Province

Nun Buddies
          Make Connections

Notre Dame High School students and School Sisters of Notre Dame in St. Louis get to know each other at several events throughout the school year. These pairings are called Nun Buddies. Recently they attended the SSND Foundation Day Mass. How would you connect with someone from another generation?


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