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unity in a divided world.
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the living God.
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innovative approaches to critical needs.
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all creation.
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the world through education.

Our Mission Your Mission

is to proclaim the good news,
directing our entire lives toward
that oneness
for which Jesus Christ was sent
for which God calls all.
As Jesus was sent to show
God's love to the world,
we are sent to make Christ,
to make God,
visible by our very being,

by sharing our love, faith, and hope.

You Are Sent
Constitution of the School Sisters of Notre Dame

Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger


The grape arbor at Notre Dame of Elm Grove.

Work in God’s vineyard
     brings hope to world

As School Sisters of Notre Dame celebrate the foundation of the congregation, we invite you to reflect on our foundress’s words: “May God of the vineyard give growth so that what God’s love has called into being may bear blessed fruit in its time.” How has God planted hope in you? In what ways can you share hopefulness?


SSND associates Yoko Kubo and Kazuko Maruzumi prepare sweets to share with those attending a concert for tsunami victims.

Concert after tsunami now
     an annual act of mercy

A concert born five years ago after a devastating tsunami has become an annual event for associates who work with the School Sisters of Notre Dame in Japan. Money raised supports people and parishes affected. How do you make the best out of a bad situation?


SSNDs volunteer for interviews with clients of SET Ministry, Milwaukee

Training lets sisters
     help those in poverty

Six sisters from Notre Dame of Elm Grove volunteered their time with a Milwaukee ministry that helps bring healing power to those living in poverty. The answers they received during interviews gave greater insight and helps the ministry determine how services are provided. What can you learn by stopping to ask questions before moving forward?


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